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Drumless Symphonic Metal
Symphonic metal is influenced by gothic metal, power metal, and classical musical. Enjoy the progressive-like aural assault of aggressive guitar work combined with intricate melodic passages from other orchestral instruments and keyboards.
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02/09/2013 Awakens the Host (Preview) User Rating:  / 2


Composed & Piano by Jarvis Phan
Produced by Jarvis Phan & Iver Zhang
Arranged / Orchestrated / Programmed by Iver Zhang
Thematic Consultant - Kevin Doan

As the tell-tales signs of dawn herald the onset of day, soldiers rouse from their slumber, preparing for what may come. Donning their arms, their armor, and most importantly, their courage, each knows in his mind that today may be his last. But though fear may reside in their hearts, none will show weakness before his brethren. For every man fights of one mind, for one purpose. Today, they lay down their lives for the honour of the kingdom, for riches untold, and lest it not be said, for glory triumphant.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jarvis Phan

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01/02/2013 The Last Stand (Preview) User Rating:  / 2

Epic fantasy meets symphonic rock as the clash of good against evil is brought to your doorstep.


Listen to the full version with drums of "The Last Stand" on YouTube!

Composed & Piano by Jarvis Phan
Arranged by Iver Zhang
Orchestra / Drum Programing & Guitar by Iver Zhang
Produced by Jarvis Phan & Iver Zhang
Thematic Consultant - Kevin Doan

The Last Stand
I. Enemies at the Gate
II. Pyrrhic Victory

The age of heroes was at an end. Besieged on all fronts by the barbarian hordes, countless good men had given their lives in defence of their homeland. As the war came to a close, the remnants of the Legion, worn and weary by endless war, were recalled to the Capital. There, with their homes and their families on the line, they stood ready for battle.

There would be no peace talks, no prolonged siege, no mercy. Only the swarms of raging barbarians beating at the gates.

Out-manned and outflanked, bruised and bloody, the last of the Legion nonetheless stood ready to fulfill their charge. Today, their kingdom would fall. It would fall but oh, the cost would be great.

This was their Last Stand.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jarvis Phan

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