Free Drumless Tracks YouTube Playlist

I’ve created a handy YouTube playlist for the free drumless tracks on Click here for the play list.

Drumless Tracks Software

I see a lot of forum posts asking about software to create drumless tracks. The reason people think that this is possible is due to software that removes vocals from songs and so it is completely understandable why folks think you can remove drums from songs. (Download Drumless Tracks From The reason you can … Continue reading

Free Drumless Track #2 – Drumless Hard Rock / Metal

Another free drumless track from Enjoy!      

Free Drumless Track #1 – Drumless Rock/Metal

Here is a free drumless track from You can find 1000+ drumless tracks on the site.

Drummer At The Wrong Gig

I came across this old video again and, of course, I had to watch the whole thing and then ended up watching all of his other videos. I’ve always wondered how long it took him to practice all of his moves… secretly, I’ve even tried to do replicate some of this on my electronic kit, … Continue reading

Drumless Tracks And More…

Welcome to the new┬áblog! After 6 years, I suppose it was finally time to start a blog as another channel for folks to find out when new drumless tracks are added as well as anything else interesting happening in the percussion industry. I’ll be working to bring in guest writers to help round out … Continue reading

Featured Drumless Track Video

I thought I’d share this video here which is currently on the front page of He is playing to a drumless track called Dark.